Monthly Edit: April

April has come and gone, and I can officially say I am done my undergrad. (YAY!) I am so relieved, and this means I can take some time to really up my blog game, cook and bake more, and spend much more time with Mr. Bingley. Here's my monthly edit roundup:    The Rawesome Vegan Life. For some reason I never heard of The Rawesome Vegan Life blog. I don't know why it's taken me so long to find it, but I finally have, and I'm totally in love. Emily Von Euw and her amazing blog offers such great whole food recipes. Plus you get some of her own philosophies about the world, and she really does shed some light. Check out this fellow Canadian's blog and you'll fall in love too.

Starting a Youtube channel. I will be starting a Youtube channel very soon that will reflect everything my blog has to offer. I'm very excited and will keep you in the loop with details.

Headspace. I've always been interested in meditation, but never could really commit to it. I recently found the app Headspace, and you need to try it. I've been getting my whole family into it, and it really does give you some more headspace. This makes meditation easy.

Essiebutton and her grandma. I'm slightly an Essiebutton fangirl, but now I'm fangirling her grandma. Watch her latest video of "What's in my Grandma's bag?" for cuteness and hilarity.

April was full of snow, freezing rain, and cold. Let's hope that May is a little bit nicer to us. I can't wait for the days of sunshine and green grass.

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