Monthly Edit: June

Here we are at another monthly edit. This month has brought endings and new beginnings, and some particular things that I love. Here's my monthly edit: 

Convocation. I have officially graduated from the University of Toronto and I have to say I'm so happy. It feels as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I'll be embarking on a new chapter of my life, and it will involve post-graduate studies. (I also received some beautiful flowers from my parents and my boyfriend like those roses above!) 

The Beauty Blender. This little pink sponge has changed my makeup routine. I feel like my makeup goes on so much smoother and it makes it so easy! I realize I'm extremely late on the bandwagon, but I'm thrilled I finally got around to it. There will be a more in-depth post about my love for the Beauty Blender in the near future. 

My blogging schedule. If you're new to my blog or to my hosting platform then you might not know my blogging schedule. So here it is: Every Sunday there is a Weekend Baking post at 10:00 EDT. Every Monday there is a Makeup Monday post at 13:00 EDT. Every Wednesday there is a food post at 13:00 EDT. And occasionally on Saturdays there will be a book review and at the end of the month there are the monthly edit posts. There you go! 

Top With Cinnamon. I've just recently found this blog/cookbook and I'm not sure why it's taken me so long! Izy Hossack is such a beautiful photographer and all-around foodie, and I'm completely in love with her blog. Her cookbook is also stellar. 

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Monthly Edit: May

May has just flown right by for me! I've had my first full month of no school, and I have to say I am enjoying it so far. Without much further ado, here's my monthly roundup: IMG_0942

Better weather. In my part of the world the weather has certainly improved. We've had the odd below zero days, but for the most part, its been clear skies and sunshine. This makes me very happy.

Better lighting = better photography. I got some umbrella lighting towards the end of May and I have to say that my photo game is really being upped. You'll notice the difference with my Banana Pecan Loaf post, and there will be many more amazing photos to come.

Youtube. My first official can be watched here. Subscribe to my channel please! I promise more (and better) videos will come.

Bingley's birthday. I think Bingley had a nice birthday this year. I certainly had a great day (weekend) with him! There's a post about his birthday here.

Vegan food posts. May had a lot of vegan food posts, and you can expect more to come! Check out my vegan posts here.

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Big news! I will be hosting a blogger chat on twitter on June 9th at 12:00 EDT so please join in!

Monthly Edit: April

April has come and gone, and I can officially say I am done my undergrad. (YAY!) I am so relieved, and this means I can take some time to really up my blog game, cook and bake more, and spend much more time with Mr. Bingley. Here's my monthly edit roundup:    The Rawesome Vegan Life. For some reason I never heard of The Rawesome Vegan Life blog. I don't know why it's taken me so long to find it, but I finally have, and I'm totally in love. Emily Von Euw and her amazing blog offers such great whole food recipes. Plus you get some of her own philosophies about the world, and she really does shed some light. Check out this fellow Canadian's blog and you'll fall in love too.

Starting a Youtube channel. I will be starting a Youtube channel very soon that will reflect everything my blog has to offer. I'm very excited and will keep you in the loop with details.

Headspace. I've always been interested in meditation, but never could really commit to it. I recently found the app Headspace, and you need to try it. I've been getting my whole family into it, and it really does give you some more headspace. This makes meditation easy.

Essiebutton and her grandma. I'm slightly an Essiebutton fangirl, but now I'm fangirling her grandma. Watch her latest video of "What's in my Grandma's bag?" for cuteness and hilarity.

April was full of snow, freezing rain, and cold. Let's hope that May is a little bit nicer to us. I can't wait for the days of sunshine and green grass.

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Monthly Edit: March

Lots of things are happening here at The Ms. InBetweeners & there will be many more things to come. Today I'm introducing a new series that I'm calling the Monthly Edit! This is where I'll do a roundup of my posts and include some of my own highlights of the month. I'll keep the monthly edit to about five or so posts/highlights. So here we go!IMG_0465 Weekend Baking. March 1st I started a new series. Every Sunday at 10 am EDT  you can expect a new post on something sweet or savoury that is easy, and will make your weekend and week that much better. There's a treat for everyone! You can see them all here.

Yoga with Adriene. I've always considered myself a yogi. I've been practicing for years & I can't tell you enough of how much positivity it brings to my body & mind. I recently found Yoga with Adriene and her 30 days of yoga. It's brought a new lease of my yoga practice and some fun too. I highly recommend it!

University coming to an end (soon). If you are in university or someone you know is then you know the pain. Spring is here (only in spirit because it Toronto thinks it's still in Winter) and the final papers are being handed in. Now it's just exams.

Twitter. I'm finally on Twitter and I would love for you to follow me! I always follow back and plus, then you'll keep in the loop with posts.

Beauty. I'm going to be introducing some more beauty reviews on the blog in the upcoming weeks. Any thoughts? Here's one on the Clinique CC Cream.

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