Apartment Series Introduction

Good morning everyone! Today I'm embarking on a new journey on my blog. I will officially be starting my apartment series. I recently just moved into a condo and it is quite small, but at the same time, so perfect!

I wish I could show you the before and after, but the before was just so scary (like excessive visible dirt scary!). However, I'll be listing all the things I changed to make it much less scary. Decorating and fixing an apartment certainly doesn't have to be pricey, just take your time and you'll find the right pieces at the right price.

The gnome cohabits with me in my front hall (haha), as you can see he's a cute protector! The lamp I got from Target, and I filled it with turquoise glass beads that I'm pretty sure my mom has had for twenty years. The little fox bowl, which now holds candy and treats, is actually a measuring cup that I picked up in a set from Winners. These three items sit on a white cabinet which was originally $350 from Winners and I snagged it for $50! So proud of that deal.



And there's Mr. Bingley!


Puppy Party

May 9th is Mr. Bingley's birthday, and of course, we throw him a puppy party! He turned the big 3 years old. We had party hats and crowns, toys for him, and I made vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles on them (for the humans)! The point is, Bingley is family to me and I want to make him feel special. Dogs provide humans with so much joy and happiness so when we can share it with them, please do. Celebrate your pup's birthday, and try to get them in a party hat! (I feel so accomplished that I got Bing in one!) Happy birthday Bingley! 




Meet Mr. Bingley

Hello everyone! Today's post is about my loveable and full of personality puppy. Well he isn't technically a "puppy" (he's going to turn 3 soon - stay tuned for a birthday party post) but he's still a puppy to me! He's a Yorkie Bichon mix, and captures the hearts of everyone around him.

So please let me introduce my oh so smart, handsome, and charismatic Mr. Bingley. Yup, he's named after Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (I'm a English major haha) character Charles Bingley. Ohh I forgot to mention he can dance too!