Removing the Unremovable

Today's post is about removing EYE MAKEUP. I'm not sure if anyone else has battles with eye makeup, but I certainly do. Maybe it's because I don't wear makeup that often so when I do I feel that removing it is such a chore. But not anymore! You can use Vaseline to remove eye makeup, because as I have said before, it does perform miracles. But for those of you who like the traditional formula to get it done, this is for you...

Last year I received a small (like a sample) bottle of Lancome's Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover. I thought it was great since it did work. The only problem was that it left my eyes with still mascara underneath, and took a lot of work to get it off (eyelashes were being tugged out). The other thing was that it was supposed to be oil-free, and well, it left my eyes feeling pretty oily.

This week, I found Neutrogena's Oil-Free Eye Make-up Remover. It works like a charm, really though! It's not oily at all, there's no fight in getting off mascara, and my eyelashes are left in tact. Also, it only cost $8.27. Is that a bargain or what?!

These are only my opinions, but when you're on a budget, cheaper is better. But when you're on a budget and you still have standards, use the Neutrogena eye makeup remover. Sometimes the high end brand isn't always better. Image

Healthy Skin for All

Hello fellow InBetweeners! Although there is so many beautiful products out there for skincare that cost a fortune for their "I really do work" status, don't get fooled. Sometimes, and this is only based on my own opinion, drugstore brands really are the better option. And that's not just based on the price.

I'll admit I have a little bit of weird skin. I'm very fair, and have somewhat acne-prone skin, somewhat excessively dry skin. It's a weird combination that I thought a fantastic higher end skincare brand could help... But I was wrong. I religiously stuck to the Clinique Acne Solutions cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, hoping that one day my skin would be clear and normal again. For all three products, that would only last me about 4 months, it would cost be $80. Yes of course, taking care of your skin is a priority in achieving good health, but it doesn't equal lots of dollars being spent.

One day I stumbled upon good ol' Neutrogena products. I was looking for a more natural (and budget-friendly) alternative to the "not really working" Clinique, and it happened to be the Neutrogena Naturals that was on sale. It honestly was a moment of divine power that made the sale signs jump out at me like they did! Since that moment, I've never looked back. Neutrogena Naturals has saved my skin, and actually made me confident about it once again. One lineup will last me more than six months! (booyeah!)

And this is the lineup...


1. Acne Cream Cleanser. I start off when this creamy cleanser in my daytime and nighttime regimen. There are no harsh chemicals, sulphates, parabens, or dyes used in all of the Neutrogena Naturals line, which does make me feel better about the products. It literally has saved my skin from acne, and provides the right amount of moisture I need.($11.97 at Walmart, $7.97 on sale!)

2. Alba Botanica Natural Hawaiian Facial Toner. Well this isn't a Neutrogena product melody! But it very well should be! I found it at my local Organic Garage, and it fits perfectly with the rest of the lineup. This toner is so gentle, but so effective! It again doesn't leave my skin with a tight feeling that means I need to slather on a moisturizer. It's just perfect. ($5.99 at Organic Garage)Image

3. Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Daily Moisturizer. This is the daytime moisturizer for me. It leaves my skin feeling so lovely and fresh. It also creates the perfect base for makeup on the days that I do wear it. ($11.97 at Walmart, $7.97 on sale!)

4. Multi-Vitamin Nourishing Night Cream. It's a lot thicker than the daytime cream, which is exactly what I need. I need something to keep my skin from drying out in the night, and again, it's just perfect. ($11.97 at Walmart, $7.97 on sale!)


5. Purifying Pore Scrub. Now I don't use this all the time, but when I do, let's just say it leaves my skin again feeling so refreshed and wonderful. I use it once a week or so. Definitely worth the buy! ($7.97 at Walmart)


Well that's my little healthy skin for all rant! At the end of the day, you'll know what is best for your skin. This is what works for me, and I'm very happy it does. I get to save quite a bit of money when you add it up, and my skin is so much better. Remember, just because its a "high end" product and is expensive, doesn't necessarily mean it'll work better for you!

Goodnight :)