Apartment Series: Gallery Wall

Hello my fellow InBetweeners! I apologize for not posting in a while, getting things done before school really bogged me down. But in this business, I managed to put up my gallery wall! It's not elaborate by any means, and showcases my own architectural photography. The white and silver frames are from Ikea. The large (8x10) silver frames were $9.99 each, while the smaller (4x6 and 5x7) white frames were $4.99 each. The tiny silver frames were $1.99 each. I love these ones the best since they almost look like shadow boxes! In the middle of the photography, I added an "M" (for Melody!) which I got from Indigo for $8.99 on sale.



The gallery wall certainly adds interest in my apartment, and fills up the wall space between a shelf and pantry that looked pretty bare before.

In my front hall, basically right beside the door, I added a canvas on one side (very cute!) and a mirror with a tiny bird on the top. Both of these were from Homesense and were steals!



Hopefully these posts have been giving you some inspiration for your own decor. Please let me know whether you like this series or not, and if you'd like to see any other types of posts from me! Will be posting again soon!

The Best Shelf Ever...

This really is true. The EXPEDIT shelving unit from Ikea is so versatile, sturdy, and nice on the eyes. Right now, I own a total of four shelves simply because they are so awesome... and because I have a truckload of books! Sadly, Ikea no longer sells the "Expedit"; they have replaced it with the KALLAX. It is just as nice, comes in a wonderful slew of colours, and costs only $79.99 for a unit of eight cubes (it literally is identical to the former!)  I should also mention that they are super easy to put together! I have two of the double shelves on either side of the fireplace, which provides great storage and mimics built-ins at a fraction of the cost! In the corner of the room and beside one of the double shelves, I opted for a single to maximize storage usage.



On these shelves I display my many books, cameras, and pieces I've collected from family members that are vintage. They're clean, and sturdy. I also use wicker baskets, which are made for both the Expedit and Kallax shelves and retail for $12.99 each. I use them to store office supplies, odds and ends, and dog toys for Mr. Bingley.

If I needed a room divider, I could have used the shelves as well. What I did need was immediate storage in a slender kitchen, and the Expedit fulfilled that need perfectly. I placed the double shelf horizontally, and opted for not adding feet because it was the perfect height. Ikea sells different finishes of feet as well. The shelf stores things like bread and nuts in the baskets, and holds some appliances on the top and inside. Its fully functional for kitchen use, especially when your kitchen is on the smaller side.



I definitely recommend the new Kallax and old Expedit shelves to anyone who needs storage and purdy functionality at a great price.