The Art of Christmas Shopping

Shopping in general can be pretty stressful. Shopping for clothes when you need them usually doesn't work out well since it always seems that nothing looks good or fits well. Shopping for gifts is similar since you're buying for the ones you love, and that can be stressful. Over the years I've learned how to deal with the stress of Christmas and most importantly I've learned how to conquer the dreaded task. First things first, make a list! As you may know I'm a big list lover. Making a list is important because you'll figure out where you need to go and what exactly you're going to buy. Think about what each person wants or needs, and there you go! Christmas gifts should be one of two things for me: 1. Personal or 2. Yummy!

Next up, scout out the sales. Christmas gift shopping shouldn't make you broke. You buy what you can, and when you can find good deals, you take them! Finding deals also means shopping online. You can get so many deals online, my favourite online shop is Indigo. Your order comes super fast and they have so many products to choose from at wonderful deals.

Finally, keep calm in the stores. Shop either in the morning or in the evening. You have a better chance of being alone in the stores which allows you to stay calm. Also, wear layers so you don't get too toasty in the really warm stores. No sweating is another way for you to stay calm.

Once you get all your gifts, you'll need to wrap them up. The hard task is done and you can turn on that Christmas music, make a warm drink, and wrap those gifts!

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Mother's Day Preparation

Mother's Day is right around the corner (this Sunday!), and if you haven't figured out what to get your wonderful mom, look no further. When you're on a tight budget, and don't want to show it, doing/giving things that are truly personal to your mom will help to conceal that. If your mom is a foodie, take her out for brunch or lunch, give her a cookbook from one of her favourite chefs, or make her a wonderful meal at home. If your mom has a green thumb, buy her a beautiful plant, pots, or something to accent her garden. If she is just someone you love dearly, buy her something pretty like a blouse, scarf, or purse, or something enjoyable like a book, art, or flowers. Whatever you get your mom make sure it comes from the heart, even if it doesn't have a huge price tag. Oh and always include a card! Cards are where you can write a tiny message that can spark specialness in your mom.

Enjoy the time with your mom on Mother's Day. Remember two things: 1. Everyday can be Mother's Day 2. Celebrate Mother's Day with all the mothers in your life, and make everyone feel special because they deserve it!


ps. These flowers are from my mom's garden! (Check out my dreamy spring photo collection at and use the offer code MSINBETWEENERS for 25% off until May 31st)