Skin Detox

I should start off by saying that most of my days involve detoxing my skin. With that I mean that I barely wear makeup and I try to be as conscious as I can with what I put into my body. January is a perfect time for a skin detox as the holidays involved lots of makeup, late nights, and lots of treats. There are a couple of things you can do to really give your skin a break so let's get started! The first thing you can do is make sure you cleanse and moisturize your face (and body). A good cleanse starts off with using warm water or a hot cloth to open your pores, and is followed by a gentle massage on your face. I'm a firm believer in toner, so I always follow my cleanse with it to ensure that my pores are completely closed. During the blistering cold it is important to use a thicker moisturizer to really protect your face, and also one that has an SPF in it. There is still lots of sunlight in the winter that can damage your skin. A skin detox is only possible when your skin is protected properly.

Another thing you can do is keep makeup minimal, or don't wear it at all! Try for a couple days of no makeup to let your skin really breathe.

A hot bath or shower can also be really cleansing. Add sea salt or epson salt to a bath or even a foot bath to rid yourself of inside toxins. It'll allow you to relax and will do good to your inside.

When it comes to inside out beauty, water is the best to really cleanse your skin. I drink about 10-12 500 mL bottles of water per day to help with hydration and detoxing. Also try a gentle food detox for a couple of days that involves lots of produce.

Hopefully you find these tips useful in detoxing your skin and overall in inside out beauty. Follow me on instagram @melodyannep and bloglovin!

This photograph was taken from last year's major ice storm. It was so destructive, but also left some beauty with its ice creations. (we are thankful for this winter so far!) IMG_7576