Guest Post: "The Confessions of a True Womanizer" Book Review

“The Confessions of a True Womanizer” 2Q==


The Confessions of a True Womanizer is a Romance/Drama about a young man name Romeo Roosevelt that tries to find his way into treating women right. Romeo grows up watching his father romance his mother and other women. Romeo admires his dad’s abilities to be a smooth ladies man. Romeo of course wants to grow up being a ladies man just like his father. Romeo is blessed with his father’s handsome looks and as he grows into a man, he takes advantage of that. Jumping from woman to woman, confused on how to really stay faithful to a woman because Romeo was never taught how to truly treat a woman. Romeo reunites with a long lost love and tries to get his act right just for her. The question is; will he be able to? This is an incredible story of a young man trying to find himself after growing up in a drama filled household. Romeo Roosevelt is the main character that a lot of men can relate to in real life. A father figure is so important in a young man’s life and this story is a prime example of that. This novel is for everyone to read. No matter your race, gender, background, culture, etc. This is an enjoyable read for people who love great stories with great morals to it! This book has twenty something enjoyable chapters.

Character Review

The character Romeo in this book has a coming of age feel to him. While he is a grown man he still has a lot to learn about people as well as himself and how to be his own man. The story follows him around as he learns this as well as how to love the woman he is with. The writer of the book really understood how to make a reader care about the characters. as I was reading this book I began to care about Romeo as if he were an actual person. The creation on the character was great.

Review of the story

While the book was great overall I do wish that there was more to the woman he was falling in love with. The writer made her a really great character he did not make her as deep as he did Romeo. It would have been nice to read a little more about why he loved her and who she is. She needed a bit more development as well. The story was very unique, while it may sound a bit cliché when you think of the plot the author made it work effortlessly, holding the reader’s attention the entire time.


Overall this book receives 4.5/5 stars because it really is an amazing story, I enjoyed reading every moment of it and I’m sure you will too! The characters are relatable and really great and the author really knows what he is doing.

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The Best Shelf Ever...

This really is true. The EXPEDIT shelving unit from Ikea is so versatile, sturdy, and nice on the eyes. Right now, I own a total of four shelves simply because they are so awesome... and because I have a truckload of books! Sadly, Ikea no longer sells the "Expedit"; they have replaced it with the KALLAX. It is just as nice, comes in a wonderful slew of colours, and costs only $79.99 for a unit of eight cubes (it literally is identical to the former!)  I should also mention that they are super easy to put together! I have two of the double shelves on either side of the fireplace, which provides great storage and mimics built-ins at a fraction of the cost! In the corner of the room and beside one of the double shelves, I opted for a single to maximize storage usage.



On these shelves I display my many books, cameras, and pieces I've collected from family members that are vintage. They're clean, and sturdy. I also use wicker baskets, which are made for both the Expedit and Kallax shelves and retail for $12.99 each. I use them to store office supplies, odds and ends, and dog toys for Mr. Bingley.

If I needed a room divider, I could have used the shelves as well. What I did need was immediate storage in a slender kitchen, and the Expedit fulfilled that need perfectly. I placed the double shelf horizontally, and opted for not adding feet because it was the perfect height. Ikea sells different finishes of feet as well. The shelf stores things like bread and nuts in the baskets, and holds some appliances on the top and inside. Its fully functional for kitchen use, especially when your kitchen is on the smaller side.



I definitely recommend the new Kallax and old Expedit shelves to anyone who needs storage and purdy functionality at a great price.