Bingley turns four!


Today is Bingley's birthday and he turns four! For his birthday, he's getting a little party, lots of gifts, and I made his favourite, flourless peanut butter cookies! He's allergic to wheat among lots of other things so this recipe is perfect for him. If you'd like to see that recipe, check here. Follow me on instagram and twitter for Bingley birthday cuteness and for new posts! Happy birthday Bingley!


Puppy Party

May 9th is Mr. Bingley's birthday, and of course, we throw him a puppy party! He turned the big 3 years old. We had party hats and crowns, toys for him, and I made vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles on them (for the humans)! The point is, Bingley is family to me and I want to make him feel special. Dogs provide humans with so much joy and happiness so when we can share it with them, please do. Celebrate your pup's birthday, and try to get them in a party hat! (I feel so accomplished that I got Bing in one!) Happy birthday Bingley!