Mystic Magic & Indigogo Campaign (ad)

I just recently stumbled upon Mystic Magic. It is a fashion brand that has a unique look and has up until now only produced masks and headwear. They are looking to venture into the world of clothing, while keeping with their very creative vibe. They are currently campaigning to raise enough funds for their clothing creation dreams, and they need some help. The campaign ends on June 25th, and you can access it here. There are gifts given to those to contribute to their clothing fund. And if all goes well, they'd like to be in London Fashion Week. I think it is important to support young emerging artists, and this chap is 21 and from the UK. The brand Mystic Magic is edgy and has a very distinct look, which is so important in the fashion world. As I am a huge art and art history lover, I can appreciate a creative fashion brand that is formed by such a passionate individual. Follow the link to view their campaign and to learn about their fashion brand!

Good luck Mystic Magic on your campaign! I wish you all the best!

Here's a link to their own website if you'd like to see what their currently sporting.

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This is my official welcome to my Etsy shop, melodyanneprints! My shop contains photographs that I have shot over many seasons and throughout different cities. I am a photographer, and a camera collector (kind of a camera hoarder haha). The works in my shop have been shot with either my Canon Rebel T3i, Canon Rebel T5i, or my Diana Mini. Needless to say, I'm into both digital and film photography.

Photography is a way for me to capture my happiness and passions. I have been in art shows, competitions, and have had some photographs published in magazines, which all adds up to ways for me to extend my happiness through photography to others. And that's the idea behind my shop folks.

Since spring has finally sprung, new photographs will be popping up like May flowers on my shop! In honour of that, and the start of my blog, I'm giving you the chance to use the offer code MSINBETWEENERS to save 25% off your entire purchase until May 31st! I ship throughout Canada, and to the United States, as well as countries in the European Union.

You can check out my shop at If you have an Etsy account, please follow me! (and follow my Instagram @melodyannep too!) Feel free to comment or contact me through either this post or my Etsy shop; I'm all eyes and ears!

Thank you ladies and gents!


ps. Bingley is such a fantastic model!

DIY Gallery Wall


Hello my fellow InBetweeners! Today's post is about a gallery wall that my mom and I put up in our new house. It was a weekend project - from putting the photos into the frames to measuring on the wall to actually putting it up. It takes a little bit of patience, but it is definitely worth it in the end! We decided that 12 frames was a good number to have on our size wall. We did 3 frames that hold an 8x10'' photograph, and 9 frames that hold a 4x6''. The frames are sitting on slender wall shelves that allow for us to change them up from time to time. The shelves were $9.99 each from Ikea. The frames are Ikea RIBBA white frames. The larger ones were $9.99 each and the smaller ones were $4.99 each. At the end of it all, it was a little costly since we decided to do 12 frames, but was definitely worth it! (Think of it as an investment to your living room) Also, by putting in your own photos (that you can get printed by Blacks for a steal or print yourself), you'll save yourself a lot of money. My gallery wall features the photographs that are up for sale on my Etsy shop melodyanneprints.

Ultimately, art gives life to spaces, especially smaller spaces! Hopefully this can give you some inspiration for a gallery wall of your own, whether it is smaller or larger!