Cibo Wine Bar & OpenTable Toronto (collaboration)

This past Sunday I was delighted with food and drink at one of Toronto's most delicious restaurants. Cibo Wine Bar is located in downtown Toronto at King Street and Brant Street, and it offers authentic and positively delicious Italian food. On Sundays they have a buffet brunch for $35 and this includes pasta, pizza, salad, seafood, sandwiches, bread, cheese, cold cuts, desserts, and a glass of champagne or a mimosa! I can't even utter how amazing the food was or what a great deal it was for the $35 price tag. 

I made the reservation through OpenTable Toronto, and I have to say it couldn't have been easier. OpenTable is great for finding restaurants of any cuisine, location, and price tag and for sealing the deal with reservations. You can be reassured that your reservation is set and your table will be prepared for you. You can use either their website or app to make the reservation. I will definitely be using OpenTable for all my future reservations. 

For lunch at Cibo, my boyfriend and I many great dishes. I enjoyed many vegetarian options which included sandwiches, figs, cheese, bread, and polenta fries. We both shared orrecchiette in a rose sauce (this was to die for!), and casarecce primavera. You were able to make your own pizza, which we obviously did, and we enjoyed the wood oven pizza so much. On our pizza there was grilled zucchini & peppers, red onions, tomato sauce, mozzarella, parmesan and prosciutto on half of it for my manly man. For dessert there were a dozen cakes to try and many pastries and lots of fruit. I tried the brownie cheesecake and I was again, not disappointed. 

If you live in Toronto or are planning on a visit, please go to Cibo Wine Bar for it's amazing food, great service, and very pretty atmosphere. I had a wonderful Sunday because of my brunch experience. You won't be disappointed any day of the week at Cibo, and I can guarantee you will be happy all day. 

Ps. There will be a post up next Wednesday at the same time on my outfit and makeup look!

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The Art of Christmas Shopping

Shopping in general can be pretty stressful. Shopping for clothes when you need them usually doesn't work out well since it always seems that nothing looks good or fits well. Shopping for gifts is similar since you're buying for the ones you love, and that can be stressful. Over the years I've learned how to deal with the stress of Christmas and most importantly I've learned how to conquer the dreaded task. First things first, make a list! As you may know I'm a big list lover. Making a list is important because you'll figure out where you need to go and what exactly you're going to buy. Think about what each person wants or needs, and there you go! Christmas gifts should be one of two things for me: 1. Personal or 2. Yummy!

Next up, scout out the sales. Christmas gift shopping shouldn't make you broke. You buy what you can, and when you can find good deals, you take them! Finding deals also means shopping online. You can get so many deals online, my favourite online shop is Indigo. Your order comes super fast and they have so many products to choose from at wonderful deals.

Finally, keep calm in the stores. Shop either in the morning or in the evening. You have a better chance of being alone in the stores which allows you to stay calm. Also, wear layers so you don't get too toasty in the really warm stores. No sweating is another way for you to stay calm.

Once you get all your gifts, you'll need to wrap them up. The hard task is done and you can turn on that Christmas music, make a warm drink, and wrap those gifts!

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Brunch Love

Going for brunch, I think, is money well spent. You get a beautiful and hardy meal that will keep you going for the majority of the day. And usually, brunch is extremely well priced. My favourite place for brunch is Symposium. Symposium is a chain of restaurants all across the GTA that provide you with wonderful food, a warm environment all at a great cost. I don't have any complaints about the place, and have been going there since I was a wee little girl. The last time I went I had waffles with strawberries, a bowl of fruit on the side, and a magnificent latte. I can't express how yummy or how filling this was, because I'll just start drooling. Mmmmm. My dad, who I usually go with to Symposium, had the french toast with bacon, a bowl of fruit, and a latte as well. With tip, tax, and everything in between, our total was $25! Yup, that was a good deal especially since we were held over until dinner.

Symposium also has great daily specials, my favourite being 2 for 1 HUMUNGOUS cake slice Sunday! You need to check the place out if you haven't already.

When you go out, spend your money wisely, because the worst thing you can do is spend your rent money on your times going out. Talk to you soon!


Dinner on a Trip Budget

Now when I say vacation food, it might seem to be like a beautiful beach resort tropical yumminess, but this is not that kind. This is food that I had while on a short trip to Niagara Falls. When you go on a trip, you often have a budget. That being said, you don't want to skimp out on yummy food because that's the most important part! (Well at least for me!) Plan out where you're going to go, and enjoy everything you get.  My general rule for dining on trips is not to spend more money on drinks than you do on food (my general rule for life is to eat my calories not drink them! haha). My trip to Niagara Falls consisted of eating at Milestones (my favourite) a couple of times or so. I just couldn't get enough. The first night I had a Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich with fries. It was dressed with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and a spicy mayo. Avocado salad on the side also. ($11.99)


The second night I had a soy based Garden Burger that was topped with tomatoes, avocados, and onions. Oh I also got bacon on it. The irony of it all. It was soooo delicious. And the yumminess of french fries were also on the side. ($11.99)


These meals were reasonably priced and absolutely delicious! They were also filling. Money well spent for sure.

Here's a cute bike that was parked outside my hotel!


Earls does lunch right!

Yesterday I went out for lunch with my dad. We decided to go to Earls, and I certainly was not disappointed. The food there is sooo delicious, and the portions are really filling (I took half my sandwich home!). I think its important that when you do go out, and this is especially for dining out, make sure to have or do something you normally wouldn't. For instance, I normally wouldn't make as luxe a meal as I had today, so it really was a great treat! Here's the rundown of our lunch. We started with the Warm Three Cheese + Spinach Dip (great way to start lunch especially with the warm ciabatta toasts, ohh and it had three cheeses!). My dad followed with the Bronx Burger. This burger was amazing from the beer battered onion rings, garlic aioli, red pepper relish, white cheddar, and it was on a brioche bun! I opted for the Chicken, Brie + Fig Sandwich. This was soooo (I wish I could add a 1000 "o"s because it was that good) yummy! It had roasted apples, spinach, a wonderful fig jam, garlic aioli all on a ciabatta bun! Ohh and their fries are to die for! I'm kinda a potato connoisseur.

Going out doesn't mean you need to empty your entire bank account. Choose wisely on what you want to do or where you want to eat, and make it count!