Being Canadian

Good afternoon and happy Canada day to all of my fellow Canadians! Today's post is a short one and I'm here to publicly post my Canadian pride. 

Being Canadian is something very special. Often Canada gets overlooked as it's the northern neighbour to the United States which is such a shame. There's so much beautiful land and water in Canada and that makes it spectacular in it's own right. Canada is also physically huge! It contains several climates and regions that are very particular. (not all of Canada experiences the horrendous winters!) Aside from the natural beauty that Canada offers, it offers the world a personality. Canadians are known for their kindness, apologetic nature, and peacefulness. Canada is also such a multicultural state, but even though it is, every new Canadian citizen is proud to be called so. 

Well I hope you understand why Canada is so special and deserves to be celebrated on it's birthday. My public pride paragraph was pretty short and not totally inclusive of what makes Canada so awesome, but I hope I gave you the briefing on it. Now back to the the Canada day festivities: a good ol' bbq. 

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