The Best Bobby I Know


Bobby pins are a must have for me. I have straight, soft, fine hair that needs a little bit of help to stay in place. Throughout my years I've used tons of bobby pins (and lost many more) but yet none have really done the job well, until now. Let me introduce the best bobby I know... the H&M bobby pin! It may seem like an odd choice but they really are the best. They're tight, grippy, and my hair does not go anywhere. Especially since I just chopped off my hair into a bob, I really need secure pins. They come in different shades to best fit your hair colour, and they're only $3.95 a pack. Now they might not be the cheapest bobby pins you can buy, but they are still reasonably priced for what they do.

Next time you're struggling with a bobby pin that won't stay in place, try these H&M bobby pins. They'll change your hair game for good.

bobby pins

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