Thanksgiving Yumminess

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hopefully you all enjoyed yourselves and your tummies did too! (I know I did) My long weekend consisted of parties, family time, birthday time, and lots of food! The food is obviously the most important part of Thanksgiving, aside from your family! To make a foolproof and easier meal for yourself, start ahead of time. My mom is the turkey master! She cooked the turkey the night before with loads of butter, beer, and wine among other things. After cooking, she sliced it up and let it rest overnight in its own juices. Next day, she heated it up for lunch and it was a hit! We served the turkey with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, corn, cranberry sauce, gravy, salad, and some brisket. We also had gnocchi and lasagna to start (we're Italian okay?).


After lunch we had cheese and fruit. I made a cheese platter that included brie, grand padano and asiago with nuts, dried fruit, and crackers. I had also olive tapanade, red pepper jelly, and apricot jam. The fruit was all seasonal. IMG_2940

And after all of that food, we had dessert! Homemade tirasmu cake, vegan and gluten free pumpkin pie, apple pie, and my homemade birthday cake!


Also, make the table look special while not spending very much. Set your table with the best you have, make it look coordinated, and add some candles, flowers or pumpkins as a centrepiece! Inexpensive and makes a huge difference! IMG_2843

Keep all of this in mind when planning your next holiday at your house, and remember, easy and simple is always better when hosting. More posts coming soon!