Apartment Series: The Bathroom

I think the bathroom is a pretty special place, especially when it has been transformed from a dirty & scary bathroom into a girly and clean one! I have only one bathroom in my apartment so it needs to contain all of my personal stuff while being the place for guests as well. I have tried to make it fun and affordably cute. The major changes to the bathroom has been painting the walls, a great deal of SUPER cleaning, changing the light and shower head, and a changing of the toilet. I used the same paint colour as the rest of the apartment just to keep it cohesive. There's some bobbles like the green (chia plant looking!) plant in the corner of my counter to add colour, which was $3.00 from Target. The soap is from Bath and Body Works (10 for $30 deal!). My toothbrush and toothpaste are being held in a french porcelain container that I got from Homesense, and yes, it was on sale for $5! The q-tip porcupine I actually got from the AGO's gift shop. I love it for being so cute and it being $13! The porcelain bird contains cotton pads for my face, and is from Homesense ($6.50). The mirror is also from Homesense and was regularly priced $10.The shower curtain is from Homesense as well, and was $29.99. (I splurged!) On the opposing wall from the counter I put a mirrored portal, which has storage instead. I think it adds some interest and was $39.99 from Homesense (another splurge!).

IMG_2593IMG_2594 IMG_2611 IMG_2621


All in all, I love my bathroom. Its pretty small, but contains everything that I need. When I have guests over I always get compliments on my inexpensive decor. The moral of the story is you don't need to spend a lot to make a bathroom, or any room for that matter, look nice!