The Cannoli

The cannoli is a classic dessert, that really is so delicious and easy to make! They're also inexpensive, and most of the ingredients you'll already have in your kitchen. Everyone will be happy you made them! You will need:

Cannoli shells. Most grocery stores should carry them prepackaged. It will save you all the time and effort of making them yourself.

Ricotta. It is an Italian soft cheese, and can transform itself into something sweet!

Juice and Zest of an Orange.

The yolk of one egg.

A sweet liquor. 2 tablespoons or so of either cognac, whiskey, or Strega. (This bottle of Strega is from a trip to Italy my Nonna went on 28 years ago!)

Sugar. About 2 tablespoons give or take.

Chocolate chips.

Mix everything together well (it really is simple to make). With a teaspoon, fill up each side of the cannoli, and clean it off with the edge of the spoon. Put a chocolate chip on either side into the ricotta filling. You can dust them with icing sugar afterwards. Put them on a tray, and serve them!

They're cute, and delightful to see. They make a great dessert, and snack too! Enjoy :)