If you're not familiar with a succotash, its basically a medley of vegetables cooked together. I have my own version, and I'd like to think that its pretty fantastic. It is simple to make since everything it done on the stove, and you can use it for so many different meals!  Let's get started... Image

You will need:


Frozen endamame and corn.

Bell Peppers and Onions. (Red or Orange bell peppers work the best)

Salt and Spices.

BBQ Sauce.

I used turkey bacon because it is more lean and still has the same type of flavour as regular bacon. Chop it up and cook it first!

Use a frozen bag of the endamame and corn, and cook them up using their instructions! You can do this at the same time as you cook the bacon.

Once you're done cooking the bacon, take it out and add the peppers and onions into that pot. Let them cook and soften up a bit before you add the endamame and corn.

When you add the peppers and onion, you can add salt, and whatever spices you like. I like to use paprika and a Cajun seasoning. You're more than welcome to use as much or as little heat in the dish. Then add the edamame and corn. Add in your favourite BBQ sauce, and let it cook down. Add the bacon, and you're done!

Now what can you use this Succotash for? Everything. No seriously, you really can! You can use it as a straight side dish, in a tortilla with some sour cream, cheddar cheese, and brown rice (aka a burrito!), as a salad topping, as an alternative to a salsa, use it on nachos, and you can use the leftovers for breakfast the next morning and use it to add something special to eggs!

Although there is tasty bacon (which is a protein anyways), it is very healthy. You sub out the bacon for a vegetarian dish.

Happy eating!