Pennette Rigate with Roasted Red Pepper Pesto

Pennette Rigate with Red Pepper Pesto

Pennette Rigate is just the cuter version of the penne we're more used to, and with the same deliciousness. For dinner tonight I made a wonderful meal that stemmed from whatever I had in my kitchen. This is a good way to cook - it ensures that you use up whatever veggies (and fresh cheese in my case) that you have before they go bad. I was feeling pasta, and looked at the abundance we have in our pantry and simply chose the cute little pennette! Needless to say, this meal was very inexpensive when you get to the actual cost of it all. Pasta is filling, and very yummy. Also, you can't mess up pasta. It's super easy to make, and when you get the hang of it, there are no limits on what you can do to it!

I already had half a red pepper chopped up in my fridge, so I decided on a red pepper inspired pasta. I also realized I had the exquisite red pepper pesto by Jamie Oliver from Sobeys. Add a little cream to the pesto after you've drained the pasta and put in back into the pot, and you're almost done! I then added the peppers, almonds (for good health and a little bit of crunch), and tiny boccincinis (if you don't already know, they're fresh cheese that are sooo yummy! I got mine from Grande Cheese). Mix it altogether over a low heat for a couple of minutes, and you're complete!

Food is meant to be simple and delicious. It doesn't have to be fancy or takeout to be good either! Try this pasta dish yourself and sub in whatever kind of pasta, sauce, or other ingredients you like! Go wild with your food!