The many uses for Vaseline

Vaseline is not just sticky petroleum jelly; it is so many things. I swear by it because it really can do everything, and also because it's sooo inexpensive. I use it for five different things: 1. Body moisturizer. Of course it isn't going to perform miracles like a cocoa butter would, but it does heal my super dry skin in the winter. You can use it anywhere from your face (be careful if you have sensitive skin!) to your body, and it soothes and pampers it in such a budget-friendly way.

2. Lip balm. Vaseline just does what other lip balms can't in the winter. It protects and soothes chapped lips, and transforms them into soft, kissable lips. Pair it with a lipstick, and it'll give you a not so done up lip look that really is.

3. Eye makeup remover. Slather it over your eyelids and lashes, and voila! the stubborn makeup will come off! Upscale eye makeup removers can be sold for over $50, so don't fall into their allure and save your money!

4. Eyebrow tamer. Put a little vaseline on your unruly brows, and they'll be taken care of!

5. Nail care. When you're giving yourself a manicure, rub a little bit of vaseline into your cuticles. It really is the perfect way to keep your cuticles well-conditioned and healthy.

Give Vaseline a go and I'm sure you and your wallet will be happy!