It was a Stew kinda day

So today I decided to make a veggie stew. It had potatoes, carrots, onions, and butternut squash in it. I cooked it in my Hamilton Beach slow cooker (Got it from Sobeys a couple of months ago for only $19, and that came with food too!). Its so simple to make, just chop up the veggies, throw them into the slow cooker with water, salt, and paprika, then about half way through the cooking time, so about 2.5 hours in, make a slurry and stir that in. A slurry is just melted butter mixed in with some flour - its used to thicken the liquid. Its healthy, doesn't cost much at all, and you can keep it for the next day or even freeze it for later use! You can add whatever vegetables you like, or add some brown rice or quinoa afterwards as well.

Eating on a budget doesn't mean that you can't eat yummy or healthy food! So happy eating!