Its a Chicken Dinner Weekend

IMG_1067 - Version 2

Last night (Friday) I made a dinner for two that included a roasted chicken (from Sobeys), a medley of roasted veggies, a kale salad of yumminess, and some biscuits (thanks to Pillsbury). The roasted veggies included potatoes, radishes, and carrots. They were seasoned with paprika and salt. The kale salad had pieces of a Granny Smith apple, goat cheese, almonds, soy nuts, and pumpkin seeds. I got the stamp of yumminess approval from my Mr. InBetweener so you know it had to be good! The dinner was inexpensive, considering the chicken was roasted already and was only $9.99, and the leftover chicken will last me all weekend. (If you pick up a chicken on Monday at Sobeys, it's only $7.99. What a deal!)

So today for dinner, I used half of the remaining chicken to make a pizza! This pizza was made with bbq sauce (courtesy of Thornhill's Boneyard Grill), mozzarella and cheddar cheese, chicken, and bell peppers. This was a hit with my mom and again, was inexpensive, filling, and delicious!

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