I am a Ms. InBetweener. I live my life on a budget, and still have just the same amount of fun as those who spend a fortune. The Inbetweener is not a broke student, or a starving artist. The Inbetweener is a confident woman who may just be at a coming out of school, and going to be starting a career. Living a happy and healthy life is possible and can be done on a modest budget! My subjects of focus will be the following:

Goals: How to create goals, and how to eventually achieve them. They are in reach!

Going Out: We all need to have fun, and it doesn’t have to come at a large price tag! What to do when you have that itch to do something, but don’t want to spend a whole lot.

Staying In: Food: How to sustain your body on a tight budget. That means no cutting corners or an all yogurt diet. Good healthy food for us!

Staying In: Home Decor: How to design your own apartment or refresh your room on a budget.

Pamper: These are the ways to pamper ourselves from beauty to fashion on a tight budget.

Just a quick introduction on who I am! My name is Melody Anne. I'm a university student who will be graduating soon from an English Literature and Art History bachelor degree. I love my dog, Bingley (like Pride and Prejudice "Mr. Bingley"), and you'll see that he will make an appearance here from time to time. Aside from being the writer of this blog, I am a photographer and owner of Etsy store melodyanneprints. Feel free to check it out at: www.etsy.com/ca/shop/melodyanneprints

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